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Integrative Health

Hi! My name is Kimberley Stevens. I have been a Nurse for over seven years and recognize a dire need to change our collective approach to wellbeing. So, here I am; doing that!!

I am a Breathwork Coach & Facilitator, Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Nurse, and Wellness Coach.


I am here to help YOU feel better. 

I am especially passionate in assisting stressed, anxious, & overwhelmed individuals to get back into balance using an integrative approach.


Are you ready to embark on your journey to a fulfilled, abundant, and grounded life? Amazing. Message me & let's see how we can get you there.


How to heal with me


Somatic Breathwork Journeys

What is a Breathwork Journey?

The conscious manipulation of our breath for a desired result

What you can experience:

- Gain access to the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions & trauma, & helps to rewire the brain

- Heightened creativity & inspiration

- A sense of being more present in the moment & less reactive to stress

- Can be life-altering in 1 experience – personal & spiritual transformation

See all upcoming group journeys here:

Or book your 1:1 virtual journey here:

I also offer private small/large group journeys!!


Holistic Health Coaching


6 month program

Doors closed at the moment!  


From home!

Mindful Movement Mondays

MONDAYS 9-10am CST via Zoom

(**Replay provided!**)

Meditation & gentle yoga movement


  • $18 Drop-In

  • $65/month Unlimited Yoga & Meditation (BONUS: Unlimited access includes weekly yoga AND weekly audio meditations to take with you anywhere!)




Saskatoon, SK

Inner Strength Family Chiropractic & Wellness

119 105 St. E, Bay B

Saskatoon, SK

Gentle stretching & mindful breathing. Trained in and influenced by the magic of Bali, Indonesia, Kimberley offers a serene introduction meditation followed by 50 minutes of transformative vinyasa flow. Finish the class in final resting pose feeling inspired, fulfilled, and alive in your body.


'Balance Within' - Introductory Yoga

Every 6 weeks at 7pm, beginning October 3, 2023!!


- $23/class

Clients of Inner Strength:

- $15 for first person

- $10 for second person

- $5 for each additional family member

Check the schedule here: 

Email: to register

Blue Moon Retreats

Join myself, Jolene, & Alecia for an unforgettable, magical experience at one of our day, evening, or 3 day retreats. We offer a wide variety of soul-nourishing activities including:

  • Breathwork

  • Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga

  • Sound Healing and Song

  • Hot and Cold Contrast Therapy

  • Plant Medicine Ceremony

  • Delicious plant-based meals & workshops

  • Elements Ceremonies

  • Guitar around the fire

  • Fire dancing 

  • & more!

Next Retreat:

Sunday, Dec. 17/23
1-5pm at Oshun House, Saskatoon

Immerse in self-illumination & deep serenity with a warm welcome and cacao beverage. Enliven your spirit with Kundalini Yoga, a 90-min breathwork journey, and the harmonious embrace of crystal sound bowls and Jolene's angelic voice. Illuminate your inner self this solstice. Join us for another unforgettable experience of inner serenity and soulful connection. Limited spaces available—reserve your transformative journey today <3

Client Love:

An essential component for everyone’s health and wellness regime regardless of age, background, presence or absence of any conditions or ailments! Directly correlates to nervous system health, which in turn directly correlates to quality of life and longevity! Offers healing across all experiences and generations past, present and future! Kimberly is the most amazing, passionate, and genuine leader in this practice; it is very admirable that she switched gears from her nursing career to focus on helping others through the power of breath work! 💕” 

Dr. Chantal Cloarec



EMBARK on your journey inwards towards
life empowerment


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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